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West Jordan UT Tree Service

this picture shows west jordan ut tree service

Because of our ever-growing success in the tree service business, we have decided to branch into two different locations. We truly see it as a branching that we have been able to split into the two locations so that we can more quickly serve the people of Jordan UT. Normally splitting into two means you will lose something in the process, but luckily for we are able to say that we have lost absolutely nothing and are firing on all cylinders.

Tree Services in West Jordan UT

As we saw our opportunity to branch in the two locations approaching, we conducted some research of which services were the most popular in which side of town. We will still offer every service no matter what side of town you are, but the most popular West Jordan tree services are as follows:

  •         Tree trimming
  •         Tree pruning
  •         Commercial removal
  •         Residential removal
  •         Bush trimming
  •         Landscaping

Tree Trimming

Our tree trimming services are used when there is a branch or two that is becoming hazardous to your house or property. The best example we can think of for this is when you have a tree branch that casually begins to rub against your window throughout the day. As this goes on you learn to tolerate and deal with it. Although normally that’s a good attitude to have with things, it’s not good for this specifically. One night there could be a storm and all of a sudden that branch that was just scrapping your window is now inside your window because the wind forced the branch to break it. Long story short, make sure all your branches stay trimmed regularly.

Tree Pruning

Tree pruning services are a great help when your tree is looking a little sick. With just one simple phone call we can have one of our tree doctors out to your place right away to see if he can help heal your tree with his unique methods. Sometimes part of a tree that is sick is too far gone and we would recommend cutting that part out, however, if you catch it early enough, our tree doctor may just be able to bring your tree back to full health.

Commercial Removal

Do you have a tree that is in the way of a new housing development that you are building? Or do you have a tree that is beginning to become a real eyesore to your storefront? Whatever the case may be our tree removal service is just for you. We will come to your business and remove the tree and make it look like it was never even there. We will also make sure we do not get in your businesses way and will work around your schedule!

Residential Removal

Has that pesky HOA board been on your butt ever since you’ve moved into that house with the dead tree? We can certainly understand your frustration, why can’t people mind their own business? Whatever your case is, we can come to your house and remove that dead tree quicker than your three-year-old can spell “residential”. Standard with all of our services, we will pick up all sawdust and any wood chunks leftover. We truly want to make removing your tree a stress-free experience.

Bush Trimming

Our bush trimming service is also another popular service of ours. Typically, the bush trimming service is used if your bush is overgrown to the point it affecting your garage or driveway in a way that blocks you from using it all the way. We recommend regular maintenance on bushes because if left unchecked for too long, situations like this can occur. Once we get out to your place, you will be able to use that one part of your driveway you haven’t be able to use in ages!


Our definition of landscaping is when you need more than 3 tree or bushes worked on. If you have an amount greater than 3 then go ahead and call up one of our expert arborists in West Jordan so that we can set up a unique plan tailored to your needs.

Call Today

We have experience with it all. Throughout our many years of business, we have come across just about all you can in this line work, so we are confident we have the knowledge to help you out. If you are in the West Jordan area and need any type of tree service done, commercial or residential, give us a call today at (801) 797-3619! We will be more than happy to speak with you and answer any questions or concerns you may have.