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this image shows tree trimming by jordan ut tree service

Tree trimming is an essential task of giving your landscape an improved curb appeal. It is basically targeted at improving how trees look and is applied to shrubs and hedges. Tree trimming, just like tree pruning, is done during different seasons of the year to give your garden or yard an aesthetic look and keep the trees healthy.

Expert tree trimming contractors can help you with all these services and assist you in giving your trees that aesthetic look that will make them distinctive and healthy. The only task that you would have would be in looking for the right contractors, but once you have them, you will be glad that you tried them. In this case, we are glad to announce to you that Jordan Utah Tree Service is the right match for tree trimming services.

To book or hire our services, call (801) 797-3619. You may also do so by filling out the contact form on this page.

Tree Trimming, not Tree Pruning

These two services perform almost the same tasks of ensuring that your trees get the right care and treatment. However, they have some key differences that set them apart. Ideally, trimming of trees would be preferable to pruning if you need to foster the perfect growth of hedges and shrubs.

Trimming is also done to remove overgrown bushes that may be covering shrubs and preventing them from accessing enough light and moisture. In this case, even the tools and equipment required may be varying. For trimming, a hedge trimmer, which may be gas-powered or electric, may be ideal.

As for the trimming timing and frequency, it is ideally scheduled to be bi-annual. However, the timing and frequency may be slightly changed or varied depending on several factors, such as the tree species, climatic changes, and the weather.

About Us

Jordan Utah Tree Service is a team that specializes in everything to do with trees treatment and management. We have a specialty in giving trees the best attention and service, and with the right skills and experience, which is garnered for decades, we are your right match for tree trimming. You can speak to one of us today, and they shall be happy to answer all your questions regarding the service, give you an obligation-free quote, and schedule an appointment for the service.

Call our main office line today and have our team visit your yard for an assessment. The visit is meant to help us draft a service delivery package for you with every aspect of the yard and tree plantation in mind. After the visit and assessment, we shall give you a free quote based on the considerations that we make, the services needed, and other key factors.

Once you receive the quote, you can review it and ask us any follow-up questions that you may have. If you approve the quote and give us the green light to go ahead, we shall gather all our resources and get the job started and done within the agreed-on timelines and budgetary allocation. Talk to us today and get a chance of dealing with the right tree trimming company that guarantees and delivers professional and efficient services.

Call (801) 797-3619 now or fill out the contact form on this page. After that, relax, and wait for our team to get back to you.