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this is a picture of the tree planting by jordan ut tree service

Jordan Utah Tree Service is a team of tree specialists who can help to turn your landscaping idea into reality through tree planting. After all, to us, forestry is all about the planting and growing of trees, a service that we have endeavored to deliver to all clients, be it a small- or large-scale one. Talk to us today if you need residential or commercial tree planting services, and we shall be happy to be of service.

Call Jordan Utah Tree Service through (801) 797-3619  and let our tree experts help you with planting. You may also leave us a detailed inquiry message on the contact form on this page, and our team will attend to it as soon as possible.

Why Plant Trees

The importance of trees cannot be echoed enough. It is basic knowledge that they have more benefits than just offering a shadow for your family to rest under when the sun is scorching. The other key benefits of planting trees include:

  • Controlling climate change and natural air conditioning
  • Providing shelter
  • Controlling soil erosion
  • Trees are a renewable energy source
  • A clean supply of oxygen and air purification since trees absorb pollutant gases such as ammonia, nitrogen oxides, and sulfur dioxide
  • Cooling down temperatures
  • Improving the appearance of a yard
  • Saving water as water evaporates slowly when trees provide enough vegetation.
  • Preventing water pollution by breaking rainfall and allowing water to seep through the earth instead of running through to the oceans and other water bodies.

Steps for Planting Trees

Jordan Utah Tree Service makes for a better option because of the unique service delivery that we put into place for every tree planting session. Ideally, the following process is applied:

  • We start by locating all underground utility lines such as power cables, water supply pipes, and gas pipes. We also help you to get in touch with the local utility companies, if you have not yet, for advice on where their lines pass and what we should do in case they pass along the intended working area.
  • As we start digging, we ensure to identify the trunk flare. The flare is usually the area where the trunk of the trees expands at the base of the tree. The flare should be partially visible after planting the trees.
  • Digging - The ideal tree planting hole should be a bit shallow and broad. We make sure that they are big enough for the tree and other accompanying components such as composite manure.
  • We then remove the tree from the containers they were in and place them in the hole at the proper height and depth.
  • Before we backfill the hole, we also ensure to straighten the tree. This is done to ensure that it will take a straight shape when it starts sprouting and growing.
  • After that, we fill the hole, pack the soil around the base to stabilize it and ensure that we eliminate any air pockets that may make the roots dry out.
  • Mulching at the base of the tree is done at this stage. The mulch applied helps to hold moisture, reduce grass and weed competition, and moderate soil temperatures.
  • Depending on the need, we also sprinkle water around the earth, covering the hole. We also provide specialist advice on how you should maintain it by, for example, keeping the soil moist yet not water-logged.

Without a doubt, you can tell that you have the right tree planting experts from Jordan Utah Tree Service. From tree trimming, tree removal, to tree doctor services, we are here to help. Do not hesitate to talk to us today and let us help you with creating a mini- or large forest in your property.

Call (801) 797-3619  today and let us have a talk. You can also leave us your messages of inquiry on the contact form on this page to get free estimates.