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picture in west jordan of tree service by south jordan tree care

West Jordan Tree Service


    Tree Service in West Jordan and South Jordan, Utah

    Trees can be a major asset for your residential or commercial property. They’re a nice and simple way to boost your curb appeal, and there’s nothing better than have a touch of nature around your home or commercial building. However, there’s a high level of care and management that trees can require to provide you with such benefits. With our service, this doesn’t need to hold you back though. Our professional range of tree services is the best way to give your trees the level of care and management that they require, so that your home or business really benefits. Our range of tree services is extensive. Call us now to get a free quote at (801) 797-3619

    About Our Tree Company

    With all that you need to do around your home or business, we know that properly caring for and managing your trees can slip down your list of priorities. For a number of reasons, it’s still something important that you need to take care of. That’s what our service is here to help you with. Well cared for and managed trees can not only be great for the look of your property, and really boost your curb appeal, they also present far less risks, lessening the chance of any damage or injuries. This is why our range of services is of such benefit to you.

    Our Tree Services

    We’ve created a range of services built around one simple idea: providing you all of the vital tree services that you need cheap. That’s because we think properly looking after your trees shouldn’t be a major expense. It’s something that’s too important for a number of reasons. So, we think it’s simple. Not only will you not find anyone with a better range of services, you also won’t find anyone offering better prices than us. With us, you can get all the important tree care and maintenance services that you need without having to put a hole in your budget.

    Jordan UT Tree Service - Tree Trimming, Pruning, and Cutting

    Residential and Commercial
    Tree Service

    The wide selection of cheap and affordable tree services that we provide are ready to provide the professional assistance that you need, whether it’s on your residential or commercial property. In both cases, giving your trees the right level of care and management is important. It’s the only way to get all the benefits that they provide. Whether you have a palm tree, oak tree, evergreen tree, willow tree, douglas fir, redwood, maple tree, apple tree, lemon tree, birch tree or a spruce tree, we are the service for you.

    Commercial removal and residential tree removal are fairly similar although there are a few different rules regarding the two. Typically, commercial removal is the result of certain city laws put in place that a company has to abide by. This means the popular phrase “up to code”. Don’t you worry though, we got your business covered. We have yet to come across a job we could not handle! Also, because you are busy running your business, we understand that you need to still get your job done. We at West Jordan Tree Service will get the job done without hindering you and your job. As far as our residential removals go, there is no job too big or too small! We understand that certain neighborhoods have different HOA rules and sometimes that means your tree has to get removed. We got you covered! Call us now at (801) 797-3619

    Tree Cutting

    Tree cutting is basically just a bigger version of tree trimming. Tree trimming is pretty much just snipping some branches while tree cutting is the removal of an entire limb. Our tree cutting service is usually used when a tree limb needs to be removed because of disease or aeration. Sometimes a tree needs part of it to be removed or “cut” so that the rest of the tree can receive plentiful amounts of light so that it can grow even healthier.

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    picture of a stump grinder in utah

    Stump Grinding

    We have all seen the cartoons with the classic picture of an ax in the stump of a recently chopped tree. What may make for a good cartoon doesn’t necessarily make for a good reality and honestly, tree stumps can become quite annoying after a while. This is where our stump grinding service here in South Jordan and West Jordan  comes into play. If you don’t want the stump completely removed but rather just flattened out so you can get around your yard without stubbing your toe, our grinding service is just for you! We use some really special and unique methods and would love to share with you what those look like. Give our South Jordan tree service or our West Jordan tree service location a call today!

    Stump Removal and Grinding

    Often, the most difficult part of removal is the stump. That’s not a problem with our services. That’s because we make sure that we have the perfect tools and service for the job. With a stump grinder, which we provide as part of our stump removal and grinding for our residents and business owners in West Jordan and South Jordan Utah, we can make short work of any tree stump and make sure that the removal job is taken care of completely.

    Sometimes if you buy a new house, the previous owner may have left a bunch of stumps in inconvenient spots. These spots could be in areas where children could trip and fall while they run and play or in an area that you are planning of putting something new. It could also be that it is a simple as you just wanting it gone. Whatever the case, we got it covered. Here at Jordan Tree Service, we have very special and unique ways of how we remove stumps. These ways are very efficient and are exactly what keeps us ahead of our competition. If you have any questions feel free to give us a call. We take care of stump grinding and stump removal for you.

    picture of a stump removal service in west jordan or south jordan
    Jordan UT Tree Service - Emergency Tree Service

    Emergency Tree Service

    Trees can present real risks and can often create a situation where you might need immediate emergency assistance. This can include in the aftermath of severe weather when you might need to deal with a fallen tree, a broken tree or even uprooted trees. In this situation, you might have a tree that’s an obstruction on your property or one that still poses a major risk that needs to be dealt with. Either way, we are the emergency tree servic you can call on in West Jordan and South Jordan. We provide emergency tree removal, tree cabling, and tree bracing.

    Tree Removal

    Has a storm just come through and severely damaged your tree? Our tree removal services are available 24/7. When there is a storm, we over here at Jordan tree services are on high alert because we are prepared for the damage that may follow. We have our workers on call all the time in situations like this so that no one will go without the emergency tree help that they need.

    Tree removal is one of the tree management services that can be useful in a number of situations. It takes a certain kind of expertise when it comes to tree removal, and we are not at all hasty when hiring new people to help lead crews in our company. We recently just hired a specialist from Geelong Tree Removal Service to help with removing trees and leading the crew for our company. Removing any tree that you think poses a risk, including any trees that are growing to close any buildings on your property, is an easy way to prevent any problems. You may also have trees on your property that are preventing you from using all the space that you have. We can remove any trees from your property, including any dead trees.

    Jordan UT Tree Service - Tree Removal Service
    Jordan UT Tree Service - Tree Doctor and Tree Disease

    Tree Doctor and Tree Disease

    Trees are just like any other living organism and can encounter a range of disease and pest problems. Diseases and pest problems can really impact the health of your trees and your outdoor space overall, so it’s a problem that you need to tackle effectively. We are tree doctor West Jordan, and South Jordan that specialises in providing the solutions that you need for a number of common tree diseases that can be found in Utah. We can also handle tree pest control and poisoned trees

    Tree Trimming, Pruning and Cutting

    Tree trimming and bush trimming are both very similar. They are both responsible for keeping your trees and bushes looking full and aesthetically pleasing without letting nature take its course growing them wild and out of control. Aside from aesthetics, tree trimming and bush trimming can be very functional as well. For example, you may have a branch or limb that is scraping against the siding of your house causing damage, this would be a functional reason as to why you would need a branch trimmed. Likewise, you may have a bush that is getting a little out of control near your driveway and would need to have it trimmed down so you can fully access your driveway again. Whatever the related trimming issue is, you can guarantee we will do the best job for an affordable price here in West Jordan and South Jordan, Utah!

    Our tree trimming service is essential if you want to make sure that your trees remain healthy and looking great. Tree pruning is an effective way to remove weakened or diseased limbs, so that other limbs can grower stronger. It also helps to control both disease and pest problems. Tree cutting can also help to more effectively aerate your tree and provide every layer with a sufficient amount of light. We are the tree trimming company that provides this vital service. We also offer bush trimming.

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    Landscaping services for trees in south jordan and west jordan utah


    Other times it may just so happen that you have multiple trees and bushes on your property that may need worked on. If that is the case, this would fall under our landscaping category. We will do everything that you ask us to specific to each bush and/or tree whether that is trimming, pruning, or removing. For jobs like these, we ask that you send us in some photos in advance so that we know what we’re working with. If you have just bought a new home, it may need a landscape refresh. We can guarantee the best-looking yard on your block after we work on your trees and bushes! Call for tree service in West Jordan or South Jordan UT today!

    Tree Pruning

    Tree pruning is essential to any tree’s life. Sometimes a disease or even pests can enter into a part of the tree and cause irreparable damage to it. If that is the case it is unfortunate, but it is necessary to remove all parts of the tree effected so that the rest of the tree can grow healthier and stronger! This will also help keep the disease from spreading further, so it is imperative that as soon as you notice your tree looking unhealthy that you give us a call! Unfortunately, if a tree is left looking bad for too long, a few unpleasant things could occur. The first one is that if left untreated too long, it will have to be removed. The second is that a neighbor might get on to you and contact the HOA. Nobody wants that! Lastly, in today’s day and age, everything gets turned into a meme. Don’t let it be yours! Give Jordan UT Tree Service a call today and we will get your tree looking young and vibrant like it once was!  (801) 797-3619

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    picture of two of our tree pest control expersts from South Jordan and West Jordan

    Tree Pest Control

    Pests are super annoying and even more annoying when they are in your trees. Bugs have their place in the ecosystem, sure, but too much of a good thing can be a bad thing. Unfortunately, pests can cause some serious damage to your favorite tree. We recommend taking a look at your trees on a regular basis so that you can catch an issue as soon as it arises especially when it comes to pests and bugs. The damage pests do to your tree can be anywhere from as simply removing a branch or limb to sometimes warranting a removal. We have a lot of new crew members we've added to our expanding team in the last year. One of our lead guys that identify issues wrong with trees comes from the Rancho Cucamonga Tree Service team. If you notice a problem like this arising, call us up! We will be happy to send out one of our tree doctors and tree pest control experts in Salt Lake County Utah to determine what needs to be done to help your tree out!

    Tree Cabling and Tree Bracing

    Do you have a new tree that you recently had planted? Or do you have an older tree that is affected by the higher winds and storms that sometimes come around here? If you answered yes to any of those two questions then our Cabling and Bracing services are just for you! If you have a new tree that has just been planted it is important that we set it up to grow vertically and keep it from leaning as much as possible. This is done by us setting up cables in a very specific way to force it to grow up and not to the side. If you have an older tree that is getting weak from winds that have beaten on it over the years, then we can set up braces in a way that reduces stress and damage from the high winds it encounters. Give Jordan Tree Service a call today!

    We've added a number of new employees to our crew, some with great experience, including a lead foreman who ran his own crew from Tree Trimming Lubbock.

    West Jordan Utah and South Jordan Utah Tree Care

    Around the cities of South Jordan and West Jordan UT, we offer a variety of tree care services. We offer all this and more!

    •         Tree trimming
    •         Tree removal
    •         Tree pruning
    •         Stump grinding
    •         Tree pest control
    •         Cabling and bracing
    •         Commercial removal
    •         Residential removal
    •         Bush trimming
    •         Landscaping

    Areas We Service

    Let our tree experts from West Jordan Utah and South Jordan Utah Tree Service help you with your tree services today! We address the needs of each one of our clients and are fully prepared not just to meet but exceed them as well!

    Our ultimate goal is 100% customer satisfaction so that all clients can remain confident knowing they have chosen the right tree service company and we will ensure their needs are being met from start to finish.

    • West Jordan
    • South Jordan
    • Magna
    • Orem
    • Lehi
    • Provo
    • Woods Cross
    • Sandy
    • Cottonwood Heights
    • Draper
    • Riverton
    • Bluffdale
    • Murray
    • Taylorsville
    • West Valley City
    • South Salt Lake
    • Salt Lake City
    • North Salt Lake

    Dial (801) 797-3619 now to get started with a free estimate and schedule an appointment.

    Contact Us For More Information

    What will you get in you call us? Simple. The Arborists in West Jordan UT and South Jordan UT with the best services and most affordable prices. We provide the full range of tree services that you need to give your trees the right level of care and management that they require. Easy. There’s no need to try and find the time for all the care and hard work that your trees need. We can do all of that for and get the best results. (801) 797-3619

    Trees are a very special part of any residential or commercial curb appeal. Trees and how they look can also determine how one may look at your home or business. That is why it is very important to get regular maintenance done on your trees. We take tree care very seriously and that is why we are the number 1 tree care and arborist in Salt Lake County, Utah.

    In Salt Lake County we take our tree service jobs and customers very seriously. We have been in this business for a long time and there is not anything that we haven’t seen. We can help out with all your tree removal, trimming, and pruning needs as well stumps and the services that are related. We work hard and efficiently and it shows, we are proud to say that we are the most affordable tree care service in West Jordan and South Jordan UT.


    We have worked with many types of trees as well, even ones not native to the area from the time our owner did Tree Service in Riverside CA. trees we do are but not limited to: palm, oak, evergreen, willow, douglas fir, redwood, maple, apple, lemon, birch, and spruce. Please call us today! We look forward to serving you! (801) 797-3619

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    “The ultimate professionals. They did amazing work trimming our trees.” Ben. W

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    “There was no hassle when we needed a tree removed. They arrived and got straight to work.” Garry. S

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    “Couldn’t be any happier. Their tree services are simply the best.” Lucy. B